The Story

About - Christine Bekaert, the Brand

Christine Bekaert’s passion for jewelry started while she was, years ago, working for Sotheby’s in London. There, she discovered the astonishing pieces of antique jewelry by the Italian goldsmiths Castellani and Giuliano. This turned out to be the first step on her jewelry design journey. 

In 2000, Christine Bekaert made a life changing journey to India where she was mesmerized by the traditional Kundan jewelry, by the skills of the goldsmiths and, above all, by the abundance of the gemstones. She then designed her first collections of jewelry. The Christine Bekaert Collection was born. 

Ever since the beginning, each of her pieces has been crafted by hand and only natural stones are used – manually cut and polished.Every jewel begins as a dream, a thought, which is then translated into a drawing and entrusted to the talented hands of a Bengali silversmith working in Jaipur. 
Today, Christine Bekaert presents her newly created pieces twice a year, inspired by varying themes. Detached from the usual patterns of fashion, the collections solely refer to authentic passion, to the eternal quest for beauty and to the dreams that fueled them. 

Each of her designs tells its own story; of the abundance of culture and the sourcefulness of history. 

They evoke emotions, they provoke a smile.
Christine Bekaert’s designs are timeless and generous treasures for every woman. 

About - The Founders

Christine Bekaert, who lives between Belgium and Jaipur in India, began her career as an art historian – until she found her true calling as an interior and jewelry designer. Her work is inspired by a devotion to the authentic sources leading to universal beauty and sensuality. She was trained at theEcole du Louvre in Paris andSotheby’sin London. Her work is influenced by her knowledge of art history and architecture and her love for nature, literature and poetry.

Elise Ceuterick, master in clinical psychology, has always been intrigued by the beauty of the designs of her mother and the reactions they evoked. Being a witness of her mother’s unique journey since a very young age, she has always embraced the prospect to one day take part in it. Now she is leading the team of the brand, a brand materializing stories about culture, faraway places and inspirational women.

Together, they continue the story of Christine Bekaert and share it with the world.